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Team ROAR - The Raw Facts

Team ROAR - The Raw Facts

Team ROAR is the South West’s leading Parkour team

The team will be showcasing this exciting technique for the first time ever at a county show.

The Field & Fare Magazine goes behind the scenes with Practitioner Jacob Peregrine-Wheller founder of Team ROAR to discover more:-

Who are Team ROAR?

  • Team ROAR comprises top athletes from across the south west who dedicate their lives to the art of Parkour and free running. They are role models (especially for the younger generation), showing what can be achieved with dedication and determination. A team of ten will be performing at the show, exhibiting the art of free running combined with ‘tricking’.

What is Free Running? 

  •  Free Running is a physical and mental discipline which enables athletes to develop their mind and body in to order to overcome or interact with obstacles in an intelligent and physically challenging manner.

  • Practitioners move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping over obstacles.

What is tricking?

  • Tricking is gymnastics based and utilises somersaults and spins to create a new variety of ‘tricks’. Many movements are a fusion of several disciplines such as dance, martial arts such as Capoeira and of course, parkour and free-running.

  • Tricking differs greatly from gymnastics, as just like parkour and free-running, you learn to interact with an urban environment, for example, small walls can be used as ‘kickers’, which propel one’s body into the air. Horizontal tree branches can be used to swing around and off, as a gymnast would do on a high bar. Techniques such as wall-flips are created, where one foot is placed on a vertical wall, roughly at shoulder height, then by swinging the other leg and pushing off the wall, a back somersault is performed.

How can I get involved?

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Did you know Parkour, a made-up word, is cousin to the French parcours, which means “route” ?
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