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Animal Magic

Animal Magic

The cattle section will welcome two new breeds into the fold this year with Salers and British Blues.

Salers are a large breed of cattle with the female weighing in at between 700 and 750kg and standing 1.4 metres tall. They have a thick, mahogany red or black coat and long, lyre shaped horns. Originally bred for work, this breed is capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations.

The Belgian Blue was first imported in 1890. Since then, British Breeders have selectively bred a British version that boasts many advantages including ease of calving, a short gestation period, good mobility and structure and an excellent temperament. The colour can vary from black to white including blue roan.

Why not hop along to the new and improved Bunny Corner?

For the first time, there will be a range of bunny classes including best buck, best doe, rabbit with the longest ears and best in show.

Fancy Dress Sheep Take Ewe Turns on the Catwalk!

The Fancy Dress Sheep Class is just one of several novelty classes for children at the county show this year.

Both sheep and handlers are invited to participate in the fancy dress fun and frolics and there is a class for both under 12s and under 16s.

‘We’ve suggested that participants make their own Fascinators this year so we’re hoping the line up will be fascinating.’

The best fancy dress sheep, along with the Wooliest and the Friendliest and will be announced at 10.00am on Sunday 2nd September.

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