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Horsing Around at the Dorset County Show

Horsing Around at the Dorset County Show

The Power of Love

Founded in 1981 in the USA by life-long horseman Pat Parelli, the Parelli Programme of Natural Horsemanship focuses on teaching the human how to succeed in building a relationship of trust with his horse by employing the principles of Love, Language and Leadership as guides.

Horse lovers will be able to benefit from the expertise of the West Country’s leading Parelli Practitioners, David Zuend and Alison Jones at this year’s Dorset County Show.

David and Alison are one of an elite group of 3* Parelli trained professionals in the UK and run their own school, The Horse Place in North Devon. They will be accompanied by three Parelli trained horses and the demonstrations will include free riding and jumping. There will be three performances in the Countryside Ring on each day of the Show and David and Alison will be available throughout the duration to talk to visitors about this unique method of natural horsemanship.

Riders Set to Take High Jump at Dorset County Show 2012

The Show’s ‘Grand Prix’ competition will take place on Sunday 2nd of September and a first prize of £300 is up for grabs.

There will be three rounds to the competition. Every competitor will jump the first two rounds, after which the faults will be added together. Those on equal faults will compete in the third and final round, which will be raced against the clock.

The first round will feature a course of 10 - 12 obstacles set at 1.20 metres high. The second round will consist of just 6 - 8 obstacles which will be set at approx 1.25 metres high but 1.50 metres wide. These will look both enormous and magnificent, bedecked with stunning floral displays. The third round fences will be raised again to 1.35 metres in height. Add to this some hair-raising twists and turns on the course and the scene is set for some thrilling action.

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