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Welcome to Dorset County Show 2012

Welcome to Dorset County Show 2012

Sam Mackenzie-Green

Sam Mackenzie-Green - Show Secretary

Welcome to the 2012 County Show. This year, we are stretching the limits with an adrenalin fuelled line up of extreme sports as a legacy to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Watch out for a number of white knuckle rides in the main arena which are guaranteed to keep you pinned to the edge of your seats.

Of course, the Show will also continue to celebrate everything wonderful about Dorset. Animal lovers will be treated to a wider variety of livestock than ever before including the majestic Salers in the Cattle section. Add to this a fabulous shopping experience and a gourmet tour of Dorset’s finest food in the Food Halls and it looks like this year will be our biggest and best show ever!


Star Turns

Topping the bill in the main arena is Scott May’s Daredevil Stunt Show – a cocktail of death-defying, perilous stunts performed by professional artistes on quads, bikes and trucks weighing up to seven tons.

Hear and feel the roar and rumble of the trucks and bikes as they rev up to a deafening crescendo and smell the burning rubber as the vehicles launch into action in the main arena.

Parkour will make its debut at the Dorset County Show this year. Team ROAR is a handpicked group of talented Free Running athletes from the West Country who are poised to showcase this highly skilled sport for the first time ever at a county show. Parkour, which originated in France, requires athletes to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping over obstacles. Though Parkour traditionally has urban roots, Team Roar intends to use the countryside as a backdrop for this unique performance at the Dorset County Show 2012.

A smoother but equally electrifying performance comes in the form of Christian Moullec and his flying geese. An internationally renowned wildlife cameraman and naturalist, Christian will be taking to the skies, soaring over the show ground in a powered glider in seamless formation with a gaggle of barnacle geese.

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Did you know that around 91,000 barnacle gees nest in the UK in winter?
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